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For You.

Simply Homemade is where our journey began, and where our mission came from full circle. Nothing beats creating great moments with delicious food. Through Simply Homemade we offer a number of private & personal catering services including meal prepping & planning. We tailor our foods just for you, to keep you happy and healthy. 



We are hard at work on our signature lines of juices, BBQ sauces, butters, soups, and dressings for you to enjoy! Check back for more details soon.


Meal Prepping

Meal prepping can be useful for any lifestyle, especially when needing to maintain a particular diet or dietary restrictions. We consult with you to create a plan that is conducive to your goals and needs. Let's work together to make meal prepping fun. Check out some of the CERTIFIED DELICIOUS meals we've prepared for clients previously. 

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